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Our School Room

Here is a little glimpse into where we work.

We thought we would do school work in my office – the idea being that the boy could do his work while I did mine. Ha that was a short-lived-fantasy. Little did I know when I started this journey that while they’re young you can’t do much else, but sit with them.

So we just naturally started gravitating toward the kitchen. We can sit comfortably together with all the stuff spread out and I am close to the coffee pot!! And as we progress and he starts to do a little bit of independent work I can unload the dishwasher, start supper… you get the idea.¬†We also are close to the living room so we can cuddle for read-aloud time.

At first I kept everything in my office and I would just pull out what we needed through each subject on a daily basis. That quickly got old and I realized we should have an actual space in the kitchen. A little sweet talking to hubby and some un-decorating and a school room was born.


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