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Curriculum Series – 2. Language Arts

Language Arts is so broad. For us it is made up of six components, most of these are done daily.

  1. We are finishing up All About Reading Level 1 and will start AAR Level 2 the first of October
  2. We are finishing up All About Spelling Level 1 and will start AAS Level 2 the first of September
  3. Growing With Grammar 1
  4. We are finishing up Handwriting Without Tears 1st Grade and will start HWT 2nd Grade the first of October
  5. Catholic Child’s Daily Journal from Sanctus Simplicitus
  6. Basil Readers & Read Alouds (working on a post with some detailed lists)

The boy was one of those kids that wasn’t reading when he “should” have. He was in a respected private school here and after much prayer and evaluations of him by every professional you can imagine – we brought him home. One professional said ADD, one said it was because he had ear issues (8 surgeries) and spent formative years with a reduction in hearing, one said he just wasn’t ready, one said he should just repeat Kindergarten, one said dyslexia… anyway you get the idea. I personally was leaning toward dyslexia or that he just simply wasn’t ready. Thankfully it was the latter!!!!

This summer between 1st and 2nd grade he turned 7 and all of a sudden he was ready. Now he is flying through his days and reading well. He is doing so well and moving so fast I decided to use this year to “catch up” so to speak. Not that it really matters which grade you are in when you homeschool 🙂

I also spent many dollars and many hours on a ton of different reading programs and crashed and burned with all of them, until a good friend pushed me into All About Reading. If there was ever a miracle drug for reading this is it!!!! After about 6 weeks under our belt we added in All About Spelling and it is wonderful as well. Marie Rippell and the folks at All About Learning Press are my heroes!


Curriculum Series

I am going to spend the next several posts on our curriculum. I am detail orientated and I like pictures and links so I think it will take a post per subject. I hope you enjoy this series and please add comments and share what your curriculum is as well.

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