My journey homeschooling my son

Curriculum Series – 3. Math

Ah math – it makes me smile; doesn’t that seem odd LOL. I bet it would seem odd to my parents.

As much trouble as the boy had with reading – has been success with math. His brian just thinks in math. Sometimes I can’t keep up. We have a little “game” to see if I can “stump” him or come up with something he doesn’t know. Didn’t happen in Grade 1 and has only happened once so far in Grade 2.

Our pick for math is Saxon. I love love it and so does he. I like that it is scripted, because math is not something I want left open to my interpretation! The manipulatives used are fun and engaging. Every 5 or 10 lessons there is an assessment so you can see how they are doing and if they really “got” it the days prior. Another plus is the average lesson takes about 15 minutes; this has been great of us because we like to add in math games, logic puzzles, etc.

We are currently using Saxon Homeschool 2nd Grade and will be moving on to Saxon Homeschool 3rd Grade this fall. I have included links to the actual Saxon site which is a treasure trove of information and has great placement tests if you are not sure where to place your child in math. However – I must tell you prices for buying Saxon are all over the map. You can find them from many sources and often find the teacher’s guide used. So do a little google searching and you may find a deal.

Here are a few of the math games and puzzles we like:

Head Full of Numbers  – board game

Blank Dice With Stickers – tons of free downloadable dice – math games via google

Even Steven & Odd Todd – great book – Scholastic Level 3 reader

Hot Dots Pen and Fractions Flash Cards and Telling Time Flash Cards – Hot Dots are really fun and they have flash cards for Language Arts, Science, Math, etc.

Sudokids.com Sudoku Puzzles for Children Ages 4 – 8

ThinkFun Rush Hour – there is also a Junior version, read the description to see which one best fits your family.

Kanoodle – portable 3-d logic puzzle

Adding Alligators – fun workbook style math stories / word problems

What is your favorite math game or activity with your child? Leave a comment and let us know.




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