My journey homeschooling my son

Olympics Homeschool Style

I would imagine I am not alone in saying, “I love the Olympics!” It has always been an obsession of mine and growing up I was a swimmer so that made it even worse LOL. I have been eagerly awaiting these Summer Olympics and stressing a little about what I would do to help the boy love them too. Oh moms, why do we worry so about silly things?!

I spent hours searching on the internet searching for various Olympic activities, lap books, games, coloring sheets, etc. The two best sties where I gathered most of my stuff were CurrClick and the Activity Village UK site.

I should have known though that simply sitting with him and letting him enjoy them would be the best. The pageantry of the opening ceremonies really kept his attention. I had to give him a little extra narration to go with the story, but mostly he just took it all in. Then the countries/athletes presentation. As soon as he saw the flags and realized what was going on he started bouncing off the walls and cheering. He knows most of the countries, by site of their flag and to actually see people from that country – holding that flag, well it was right up there in bucket list territory for a 7-year-old. All the country knowledge should directly be credited to our iPad and to the game called, Stack the Countries!!!! Super fun game – he never gets tired of it and I love a little geography gaming. It is easy to find games for math and phonics, but not easy to find good quality for geography.

I had purchased a book called This is London and the next day was the perfect day to delve deeper. This is London has been a great read-aloud for us and the illustrations are great. This is a book that we will enjoy many times over as we study London again through the years. Following that we just simply watched for a few days. We cheered and “cried” and sang the National Anthem and picked other countries we liked, etc.

Then we met up with our group for Homeschool Olympics 2012! I have the BEST BEST group of girlfriends. We share our faith, our kids and our love for learning. We worked together and had a GREAT event. We started with making flags for any country they chose – USA or any other. Next we pinned the flags to their backs and had an opening ceremonies and a torch bearer lighting the cauldron. On to the games from there; Hammer Throw, Shot Put, Baton Relay, Sack Races and Ice on the Spoon Race. Following that we cooled off with italian ice and by reading G is for Gold Medal. Medal ceremony was after this and there was much cheering! To close the event we had a closing parade and extinguishing of the Olympic flame. And you want to know something that makes this a little amazing: We had 16 kids ranging from age 6-months to 7-years and other than the 2 babies, everyone participated and earned a medal.

Opening ceremonies – parade of countries


Our Olympic athletes

my gold medalist

G is for Gold Medal has been lying around the past week and David has picked it up and flipped through it many times. The cover and art inside are very appealing. It was also a great choice for reading to multi-age kids. The pictures are bright and on each page you can choose to read a quick couple of sentences or a few paragraphs. We went with the sentences LOL. However, I know the boy and I will read it more in depth over the next week.

Yesterday afternoon we worked on our Olympic Study and learned about: how and where and why the Olympics were started; how the torch travels; what medals are made of; what the rings stand for; more about London. To complete the day he used one of the drawing activities from the Activity Village site and drew the Tower Bridge.

Following this we have just been enjoying the Olympics and learning about other not as popular sports. And mostly just cheering, “USA, USA!!”

Remember you can teach your child about anything. Just spend a few minutes on the computer, use a little printer ink and cuddle!!


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