My journey homeschooling my son

Curriculum Series – 1. Religion

Religion – this is our most important subject of the day and the one we always do first. So here is our schedule:

Morning Offering – a little craft to help teach the importance of a morning offering prayer. We laminated ours and refer to it everyday.

Moning Offering

Liturgical Calendar – the lovely blog Sanctus Simplicitus is a treasure trove of activities related to the continual spiritual growth of us and our children.

Sanctus Simplicitus

Saint of the Day – we use many different resources for this. My favorites are easily found on Amazon (great prices too): Saints for Young Readers, Vol. 1 and Saints for Young Readers, Vol. 2. The last one I’ll recommend was a recent gift to the boy and it includes the bigger Saints – it is a great supplement to the first two. This can also be found on Amazon, Picture Book of Saints. And great news the Picture Book of Saints is eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion.


A Decade of the Rosary – one of the boy’s most prized possessions is his Lego Rosary from Etsy.


Gotta Have God 3, Daily Devotion for Boys Ages 6-9 – this is another recent gift for the boy and it has been a fun little resource. It is not Catholic, but it is full of real situational discipline and life issues. This is also available on Amazon.


Catechism – we will be using two primary sources here at home and then he will also attend CCD at our Parish. The two things we will use here are St. Joseph First Communion Catechism, available on Amazon and Faith & Life 2, available from Catholic Heritage Curricula.

And last but not least our Bible. Reading the Bible is a regular part of our day and of course various things in our catechism reference it as well. We were using The New Catholic Picture Bible and loving it, available on Amazon. Late spring though we received The Catholic Children’s Bible as a gift (haven’t we been lucky) and after reading through some of the passages I realized we needed to start using it. I would put The New Catholic Picture Bible for ages 4 – 6 and The Catholic Children’s Bible for ages 7 – 9.

**Daily Mass has not been in our schedule, but our goal for this year is twice a week!


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