My journey homeschooling my son

Hello world!

My name is Michelle and I am blessed to be teaching my heart; who happens to be my 7-year-old son. I am going to take the unspoken advice from many blogging greats and not refer to his name here on this blog. If you know us and you leave a comment please don’t mention his name 🙂 On this blog he will affectionately be called “the boy”.

Now onto why I’m “here”…

Blogging, what a full world. Every time I “click” around I find a new blog to read. Best of all, I seem to learn something from each of them. My favorite thing is to take a little from here and there and blend it together to make it work for us. I like to share and figured this would be the best way.

My main motivation for starting this is for a digital record of homeschooling my son. I am not a big scrapbook person nor do I like writing in a journal, but I don’t mind typing.

Along the way maybe you’ll laugh or learn or both.


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